With the ImpulsePal app you’ll learn how to bust the cravings and impulses that keep you from your goals. Designed by researchers at the University of Exeter who specialise in eating-related behaviour change, the ImpulsePal app combines a number of strategies that have shown promise in other research studies in terms of reducing cravings, unhealthy eating, and weight.

Currently, ImpulsePal is only available for Android and is used for research purposes only. The current study being run will help inform the further development and refinement of the app for future use. This study will also help us plan a larger study to find out whether the app is a promising intervention to facilitate weight management.

So ImpulsePal is really a work in progress that depends on you, the user, so we can ultimately develop this intervention with you and for you.

System requirements

In terms of the minimum specification for the smartphone, the app is designed to run on any smartphone that runs on any Android system of version 2.3 (Gingerbread) or higher.

To find out what version is running your phone:

-go to Settings and find About Device
-within About Device find Android version.
-Anything above 2.3 will be able to run ImpulsePal.


ImpulsePal combines a variety of strategies you can use to help you manage your eating impulses.
It adds an emergency button to your home screen for whenever you need help Right Now.
Keep on top of your training and track your performance.